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Rumours and Whispers

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I've seen cities where the buses run all night long. Sep. 16th, 2004 @ 11:38 pm
I think my eldest brother said it best when he said: "..and Sam Katz. He's a bad, bad man." At the time we were having a discussion about who we were voting for and why everyone everyone else was not even in the race as far a we were concerned. Not that I think things would have been great with any of them. But it could have been better I think.
But anyway. I think that the way to truly truly improve transit would involve improving all bus routes at once. Which is impossible due to money really. Or improving the ones that benefit the most people at once (i.e. more than one constituency (sp?)) I would start with rapid rail transit downtown. Using the buses removed from the now rapid routes to improve routes with currently bad service (starting with the worst ones). Then using the additional funds created from increased transit use I would create more rapid routes in the places that where it affected the most varied constituencies (sp?) (I really don't know which routes that would include. A little bit of CHEAP research would need to be done) I would then keep transferring the busses removed from new rapid routes to less fortunate routes. Then using the increased passenger money I would create new rapid transit corridors (other money would be needed ofcourse as this all costs quite a bit. more at the beginning and less at the end.) It would get easier to pay for as transit usage increased.

Still I'd take anything over nothing.

Wow. Two posts in a month. Nice. I'm on a roll.
I'm tired though. I'm going to go write some cover letters before I pass out.

Bye folks, Derek
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New and Improved! Now with actual content! WOW! Sep. 1st, 2004 @ 09:37 pm
Does anyone know if one tutorial counts as "content". I say yes.
go here:
or go home :)


what a weird post.
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May I have some more chlorine with my coffee please? Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 08:33 pm
So, Bought a laptop. I like it. It likes me too. It's the start of something beautiful.
I applied for several (=5) jobs today. Some sound pretty promising. I'm hopeful.
On a side note I vote that splenda (the sugar substitute) should change it's slogan to 'Splenda: made from chlorine so it tastes more like sugar'. Hmmm, It Doesn't sound so good anymore.
In fact, it sounds kinda bad to me.
Hey, my tea isn't sweet enough. Can you please pass the pool cleaner? Careful not to get it on yourself or your clothes.
Although, that's not to say splenda is better than aspartame. They are both bad.
Ofcourse so is sugar if you eat as much as I do. Really the answer is to eat less sugar. Sweetner is far worse for you than sugar is though.
Anyway. That's my post of the month. See you next month :)

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"Can I have one egg served raw on the front windshield of my car please?" Jul. 28th, 2004 @ 09:08 pm
Now, It may be just me, but I don't think I asked to have eggs for a late night snack let alone raw ones off the front of my car. However, tell that to the extreme $%&#ers who threw an egg at my car as I was parked on the side of the road in front of Cynara's house. Egg is hard to get off. Especially at 2:30 am when one is veryvery tired. I hate some people and that some people is them. Unfortunately hate will not fill their red gas guzzling SUV with rotten fish or quick drying cement. Too bad really.
Anyway, On to bigger and better things. I buy a video card tomorrow. I am happy. I also wrote a tutorial for my webpage. YAY! finally. It's currently on receipt paper because I wrote it at work. I have to type it out but SOON my friends soon you shall witness...Whatever. If your interested It'll be on my webpage within a couple days. It's about cloth. Cloth is a funny monkey. Source for it will be on my page soon after too. I know you're all terribly excited. Don't hurt yourselves.

Anyway how are you?

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Current Music: Postal Service - District Sleeps Alone Tonight

The Fundamentals of Algorithmics Jul. 9th, 2004 @ 06:01 pm
Hi again.
I've decided that applying for jobs via email is not much different from writing a perfect resume and cover letter then taking the time to print some envelopes out, in which one would place the resume and cover letter and then making a trip down the the workplace you are applying to and then, upon finding the largest, fullest garbage can in the office, placing the envelope right at the bottom and then making a quick exit so as not to be seen. One makes all the effort but in the end it goes straight into the trash. One button. One little square button. Much to easy to press. From now on it's paper. The world is not yet ready for the email application.

So, Anyone want to donate me a new video card. Mine fried itself. Literally.
Fan+dust=clog, clog+fan=heat (and an amazing amount of it I might add)
I now have my brother's old card. 16MB Voodoo Banshee. Voodoo went out of business a couple years ago. I offer this video card as an explanation why.

As a side note I also need a lawnmower and a dvd player and a new foot (preferably constructed from something unbreakable).

Yes. I broke my foot. To be more exact I fractured the bone on the far left of the foot (the one connecting to the little toe) right in the centre. It was quite painful but now it's getting better. I think we should all just have metal hooves or something. That would solve this broken foot problem. Though hooves aren't the nicest things I think we would all fitter happier and more productive. If everyone had them there would be no problem. Sure it would be hard to balance but we'd adapt. OK. Maybe it's not the best idea. But still, I'm all for adamantium feet.

I still want to make a game. I need an artist and a musician. Ideas are welcome. I have some but more ideas would be a good idea. I need a video card now too. (and a laptop would be nice).

I bought the OpenGL redbook (Official OpenGl Programming Guide 4th ed.). It is truly an excellent book on OpenGl covering just about every feature in depth. I recommend it to anyone interested in opengl.

Goodbye again.

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Other entries
» Soul Sucking and Other Passtime unPleasures.
Yes folks. Soul sucking, Mind numbing and the erasure of all hope of escape. These are all words I would consider using in a title if I were to write a book about my current job. perhaps I could simply call it 'Safeway - a concise guide to soul sucking, mind numbing and the erasure of all hope of escape'. I think this works better. It could be a text book. I could charge $150 for it use a big font and print it in ink that smears when you fall asleep reading it because it's so boring and drool all over the page in your sleep (believe me it happens). Anyway, If you hadn't guessed, I hate my job. Really, It's not such a bad job. I get paid pretty good. More than most of the same type anyway. I get dental and stuff and get pretty flexible hours. It's just that it get's to you after a while. One begins to wonder how the human race has existed this long without one of us killing all the rest over 10 cents that he or she was wrong about in the first place. It's not all customers in general really. It's more like about 10-15% of customers. The kind that come to buy chickens that are 2 for one or something and pick the wrong ones get in the longest line so they are nice and angry when you get to them then their chickens ring up to something other than they're expecting (although right) then they go beserk, turn several shades of red then purple, shriek something from their mouth's that would scare away a banshee, then hurl the two slimy dripping chickens at your face aiming to take aout an eye thus teaching you to question this particular customers capacity for reading a simple price tag.
Although I do understand that sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes a price is wrong or something is in the wrong spot. Mistakes happen on both fronts. People don't have to die. We can work it out. Let me know if your in a rush. I can be reasonable. Please refrain from twirling your head in circles while spilling split pea soup from your mouth mr customer.
Like I said though, most customers are levelheaded people. Simply say there was a sign that said this or that. Oh, it was for x and not y? That's ok I'll take y anyway. or maybe, Can I switch y for x? Why yes you may I would say. Then life would go on without killing several people by hurling that can of long green beans down the isle.
Don't take this the wrong way. I don't personally know any non-levelheaded customers. I'm just letting you(s) know why I hate my job. It's the 10% that thow cakes/chickens at you or beans down the isle and scream and hurl pea soup while wishing their dark god/goddess would take wrath upon you and smite you for simply being. Otherwise It's a pretty good job besides the sore feet part.
Ok I feel a bit better now.
I think I'm just bitter because I haven't found a job yet. Winnipeg is sorely lacking in the graphics software design and development sector. Actually, winnipeg is lacking in the entire technology job sector (software developer wise anyway). Though there are a few web design and software development places there are about -6 jobs at these places. Sad. Maybe a new mayor will help. Though I think not. Games and graphics like big cities for some reason. I'm not ready to leave for many reasons.
Anyone looking for a good programmer specializing in realtime graphics? sigh. Maybe I'll just start my own company. Anyone want in?


Wow. That's a bitter one. I decided not be be lazy and post in my livejournal more often. I'll try to be less of a little black rain cloud next time. Maybe I'll post on my days off. I think that would be a good idea. I also think I should proof read but I won't. Bye!

Me again.
» I am not an atomic playboy.
Sooo... I Haven't posted for a while. I've been neglecting my posting responsibilities. This is my formal apology to those whose lives I've ruined by doing so. Anyway,
The reason (more of an excuse really) is because I've been making a web page. You can look at it here if you want: http://kickme.to/rumoursandwhispers
Although it hasn't got much content as of yet (except for some photos). It'll probably have content soonish. I've written one of the articles/tutorials already. I've just got to post it up there. Anyway. If anyone wants to contribute ideas/content/links be my guest.
Anyway, let me know what you think of it.

Only 3 weeks left of university. I can't wait. Done at last. I'll miss it though. Where else can you build lego AI robots and create programs that will tell you what drinks you can mix with the alcohol (and other things) you have available as a final project (that one was a big hit). The university sent me some stuff about the convocation thing and among the mix was a paper head measuring tape (to size your noggin for a hat). Apparently I have a large head. I was, up until now, unaware of my pumpkin head status. Oh well. So I have an alien head. Doesn't mean I'm a bad person now does it? I think can come to terms with my massive melon head (Which is not really melon sized anyway. I wonder what happens if one actually has a big head. The hat only comes in 3 sizes)

Well, I need to do my homework.

Taa taa, Derek
» Has boxing been good to you?
Hi there. So. I'm just taking a break from making my real-time cloth silmulation in c++ and openGL to write this little nifty couple of paragraphs of really nothing at all. I really like programming. Why? I don't really know. We won't get into that here because before I realize I'll be explaining the architecture of some cpu or something equally completely boring and If I haven't put you to sleep or killed you by boring you to death then you would probably have stopped reading this page. This is, ofcourse, in the imaginary world I live in where people actually read my livejournal. No. Actually I think there are 3 or 4 people who do read it. Or 2. well.. One at least. Yes. Definitely one.

[tea break]

Ok, I've decided I really like summer. In the summer I can ride my bike (although I do this in the winter too, It makes the tires awfully flat when they get cold and/or cracks my tires and long distances are just too cold), I can walk places. Taking the bus sucks less but still sucks because the bus system sucks. My breath doesn't freeze my eyelids shut. Electronics don't get so cold that they get condensation on the inside and short out when you turn them on. In the summer I can feel free to lick metal posts if I wish. It's mostly the bike thing.
But I would still miss winter if it were to go away. I'm mostly just bitter because it's -498764655 degrees C.

On a side note I strongly believe Ben Folds is superhuman and saves the world in his free time.
» Jenga
I saw it in the corner of my room today. I had the strange urge to play it. I however decided against playing jenga alone in my room. Mainly because from there it is only a couple steps away from having in-depth discussions with paper plates with faces drawn on them. Which, I have to admit, is oddly appealling. So. Anyway, here we are again. Another lovely minus fourty-thousand degree day. The bus I took home today had a driver who apparantly has a body temperature of 50 celcius. Either that or he simply did not know how to operate the heat in the bus. However I still managed to promptly fall asleep.

Today I went to class with Cynara. It's a german film class. (btw thanks for the ride scott and jodie.) It looks like it'll be piles of fun. Not only do I get to watch movies in class but I get to watch them with Cynara. Wow. I do this at home for fun. Of course there is that little discussion part completely in lightning fast german that I will have to try to understand and inevitably fail at understanding. Oh well. Who needs to understand what the prof is saying. Did I mention participation is 30%.

I have the strange urge to make something. Something like a renderer. mmmm renderer.
I have to go. I need to find a marker to draw the faces on the plates.

Bye again.
» (No Subject)
Merry Christmas!!!
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